Australian pedophile Philip Robert Grandfield jailed in Bali


AN Australian who had sex with teenage boys in Bali says he’s happy with his eight-year jail term because he’d feared the death penalty.

Philip Robert Grandfield, 62, had sexual contact with five boys, aged 16 and 17, over a six-month period last year, while he was living in Buleleng, north Bali.

He was convicted in an Indonesian court today under the country’s child protection laws.

A smiling Grandfield later told journalists his jail term had come as a relief.

“I am very happy,” he said in mixed English and Indonesian.

“I was expecting that this is Indonesia, I thought I might be executed to death, because of the Indonesian press (coverage of the case).”

Despite this, Grandfield told the Singaraja District Court he would appeal against his sentence.

During his trial, the retired accountant said the boys had voluntarily engaged in sexual contact with him.

He claimed he had relationships with the boys and did not realise they were underage.

But the court’s chief judge Srida Aryani dismissed the claims.

She said Grandfield had been “proven officially and convincingly guilty of committing a crime to deliberately persuade children to participate in lewd conduct, and to engage in nudity with other people of the same sex who are not adults”.

Describing Grandfield’s actions as immoral, she said the Australian had destroyed his victims’ future and created unease in the community.

In sentencing him to eight years jail, and a fine of 60 million rupiah (A$7750) or an additional three months behind bars, she took into account Grandfield’s age, confession, expression of regret and promise not to reoffend.

Appearing healthy and in good spirits, Grandfield seemed to have recovered from a hunger strike that forced the cancellation of the verdict hearing earlier this week.

His lawyer said the Australian had been on a week-long hunger strike at Singaraja Prison, where he has been held since his arrest last August.

Prosecutors, who wanted Grandfield jailed for 12 years, said they would consider an appeal.

Grandfield had been living in a villa in Buleleng, Singaraja, a remote and poor part of Bali, some three-and-a-half hours by road from the capital Denpasar.

He is one of several Australians arrested in Indonesia in recent years for pedophilia.

Child protection agencies report that a growing number of pedophiles from Australia, Europe and the US are travelling to Bali to abuse children.

They gain the trust of impoverished families with gifts of money, food and toys, and sponsorship of education.

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