A Law-Abiding Pedophile?


 source : http://whitewatch.wordpress.com/

THIS MAN IS A HERO. THOSE LITTLE GIRLS HAVE IT COMING. AND HOW ELSE DO WE FIND OUT WHERE THEY ARE!!” says one of his supporters. What kind of society allow guys like this to be on the loose? A white one.

Is there such a thing as a lawful pedophile? Parents and children’s advocates in the Los Angeles area have grown worried about Jack McClellan, a self-described pedophile who in recent months has maintained an on-again, off-again Web page where he charts his trips to family-friendly venues like parks, county fairs and bowling alleys to meet what he calls LGs—little girls. McClellan tells reporters that he gets a “high” from being around girls between 3 to 11 years old, but insists he does not molest them. (Pedophilia covers a continuum from legal fantasy to illegal molestation and rape.) So far, law-enforcement officials agree with him. L.A.-area cops say McClellan is not under investigation. “We’ve monitored his Web site, and at the moment we’re determined that it does not cross into that area where it’s criminal in nature,” says Capt. Joe Gutierrez, commander of the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Special Victims Bureau, which handles sex crimes and child-exploitation cases.

McClellan is atypical; he seems to enjoy the spotlight, whereas most practicing pedophiles stay in the shadows.  The 45-year-old—who lives in local motels, and, he told reporters, has had bouts of depression and supports himself with disability checks—came to local prominence in Washington state in the spring. He’d been running a similar site, called Seattle-Tacoma-Everett Girl Love, freely discussing the merits of meeting young girls at Easter-egg hunts, “bouncy houses” and church socials and offering how-to advice for other pedophiles. (“Most libraries have frequent programs and events for children, and sometimes you can get quite close to LGs there,” ran one post last spring.) But a public outcry led the service provider to shut his Web site and he moved to the L.A. area, where he soon went public with a similar site. He talks to reporters and even allowed the Santa Monica Police Department to shoot a mug shot of him—which he thought might help eliminate him as a suspect in future cases—though he got angry when police used it in a “Public Information Bulletin” warning residents about a “Notorious Pedophile Advocate.”

 Gutierrez won’t say what steps his department is taking to keep an eye on McClellan, whose latest Web site is currently down (it’s unclear whether McClellan took it down voluntarily).  Surveillance, undercover operations, information sharing and joint operations with other police agencies are options—even before police launch a formal investigation. “We will be proactive,” he says. “We don’t necessarily wait for a crime to occur.”

 Cops face a tough dilemma. If they do too little, they risk letting something horrible happen to a child—and enraging a community that will be hard-pressed to understand why someone on law-enforcement’s radar could get away with a crime. If the police act too quickly, they might violate the civil liberties of a law-abiding citizen, no matter how repugnant to community standards his predilections might be.




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