1. Kallie’s Say It Loud Anti-child pornography,child sexual abuse and survivor resources.
  2. Help Stop Pedophilia My site is an ongoing battle to put a stop to pedophilia. It also includes the ABC’s of Internet Safety and a flyer to print out and distribute.
  3. Survivors by Choice – A Safe Haven from Abuse Dedicated to victims and survivors alike, this website is a helpful resource for those who are in abusive situations or those who know someone who is. Features information, stories and inspirational poetry. Please step into my haven and stay safe….
    This site boasts being the “Largest Online Internet Safety Program.” A Parent’s Guide to the Internet, Anatomy of a Pedophile, and Sophia’s Safe Surfing Club are a few of the link options of this site. An all-around excellent site for concerned parents and teachers.
  5. GOCIAP: Guarding Our Children’s Innocence Against Pedophiles
    This site was created by an individual who was molested when younger. It gives good descriptions of the traps used by pedophiles to lure children in and keep them quiet about what is happening. It contains some questionable language, but is very upfront as far as what parents need to know to keep their children safe.
  6. PedoWatch
    Parents will be particularly interested in the Parenting link, which provides “information parents should know when considering how much access to the Internet to allow their children. Includes advice for schools with computers.”
  7. SafeKids.Com
    Links include: Kids’ Rules for Online Safety, What Are the Risks?, Guidelines for Parents and Privacy Issues
  8. SafeTeens.Com
    Developed specifically for teens, links on this site include: Staying Safe Online, Protecting Your Privacy, Computers and the Internet, Links for Teens, Articles About Teen and Child Safety Online and Know The Rules (a public awareness campaign about general safety for teenage girls).
  9. SmartParent.Com
    This outstanding resource is for parents wanting to become more aware and prevent their kids from encountering some of the dangers present in cyberspace.
  10. The Parent’s Guide to the Information Superhighway: Rules and Tools for Families Online
    This site gives general information regarding kids and the Internet. It includes a link to child safety on the Internet.
  11. CS Pedophilia
    This site is a personal piece of writing about pedophilia. It goes into the different types of pedophiles that seem to exist. The author discusses allowing himself to be in a pedophile situation when he was a young boy.
  12. NAMBLA: North American Man Boy Love Association
    This statement, created by Roy Radow, supports the belief that government should not be involved in deciding at what age children should be allowed to explore their sexuality. Taking up many arguments that teenagers might feel strongly about, the group feels that people should be able to experiment with sex at any age with any gender as long as their is consent between participants.
  13. The Pedophilia Survey
    This site offers a survey for pedophiles to take. It also offers the results of the survey. They purpose lies in getting to know more about general pedophile characteristics.
  14. Jammy’s HeartStrings Jammy’s HeartStrings has Excellent info on Pedo’s, Missing Children, Internet Safety Tips, Crack Babies, Aids babies,Cancer Kids. Stop by and see what you can do to help.
  15. The only solution The only way to stop pedofilia and why.
  16. Sandi’s little corner of cyberspace My site is a very nice family friendly site. I have a whole page devoted to try and help stop child pornography and abuse. I also have some great recipes, music, etc.
  17. DIXIE’S PLACE pedophiles warning parents and children against pedophilia.
  18. Pam Ramsey’s Professional Page Here I talk about issues that are important to me and to society. I also list several informative articles and belong to several associated webrings.
  19. Children protection of children issues surrounding children, still working on page
  20. Tobi’s Fun Stuff and Some Serious Stuff My CAUSES and my hopes that you become Informed on Etiquette and Safety on the Internet. PLEASE STOP placing your childrens pictures on your Web Pages… I have ANGELS, TeddyBears, Cyber-Pets, Poetry and my love for the River.
  21. SuperSleuths on the Web “In this day and age you cannot be too cyber-safe. We will search your site and find out what we can about you so that you can update your%0
  22. Parents Against Child Pornography Our site educates parents about pedophiles and sexual exploitation of children. Also includes survivor pages.
  23. Shattered Souls-Putting the Pieces Back Into Place Shattered Souls is a site dedicated to educating the public about the devastation caused by the short and long term effects of sexual abuse and incest against our children. Developed by the mother of 3 sexually abused daughters, Shattered Souls offers all types of support, education, statistics, resources and hope in healing to survivors, their parents, friends and loved ones.
  24. CAROL’S PLACE To help bring missing children home safely. To make child abuse known so it can be stopped for ever
  25. Web Guardian Angel Internet Chat Room advice for parents and children. Providing awareness of potential dangers. Monitoring of activities in chat rooms, and intervention in certain circumstances.
  26. Brisons le silence French site – List of link who may help youg victim of sexual abuse and some ressource for internet user to fight again pedophilia
  27. Wonderful Miracles Wonderful Miracles™ is a family safe site. Teaching without ever preaching … grab a loved one & explore together.
  28. Christina’s World My little space on the web.
  29. ¡Basta de pornografia! Sitio en español de la lucha contra la pornografía.
  30. Shirley’s Haven My belief in our Lord Jesus, talking with amputees and trying to help our children.
  31. Model Child Protection Policies A site where a child orientated provision can download, for FREE, policies relating to this work to implemets and use to keep our children safe when we can not be there
  32. My Life and Fight Against Multiple Sclerosis My life with MS and love of family with some fun things added in.
  33. Katherine’s Rainbow My site is large and diverse with pages dedicated to Spirit in all forms, angels, Goddess, dragons plus fan galleries and lots of fun plus my personal pages and causes. Also info on integrative bodywork and healing, chakras.

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